Rider – Adopted!

Rider - #210838 - 2

Dog ID:  210838    Sex:  Male    Age:  14 Month old

Hello everyone! Are you ready for a quiz? Who’s young, energetic & playful, a very portable 35 lbs., and absolutely adorable? Well… ME, of course!!  I’m Rider and I’m looking for my furever home.🏡

As you can see from my pictures, I am a handsome Golden/Aussie-type mix – which means I snuggle like a Golden, but only after I’ve had my share of exercise and play. In fact, since playing with my foster brother is one of my favorite things, I really hope you already have another dog for me to exercise with and learn from. Since I’m only 14 months old, I’m still learning how to do some of those “good boy” things. I’ve already aced some of the important ones – like being housebroken, getting along with other dogs (haven’t met any cats yet), riding in the car, being good in my crate, and even sitting when you tell me to. I’m a great watchdog & will let you know when strangers arrive. I’m not fearful of storms or anything, and I love playing with kids…but they should probably be 10 or so since I get a bit too excited sometimes. I could use your help in learning not to jump on people and not to eat my canine sibling’s food, or actually anything else I might grab given the chance (socks, papers, books, etc.).🙄  Fortunately, I’m a fast learner, so with some consistent repetition (and treats), I’ll catch on. 

So…, if your motto is “wrestle/play/nap/snuggle/repeat,” then ask TGRR if they can answer the quiz…Who is right for Rider? Is it you??