Molly 190947 12th bday

Dog ID:  191047    Sex:  Female    Age:  12 Year old

We are so excited to share a belated Happy Birthday celebration with TGRR alumni, Molly!

Molly was adopted in late 2019 at the age of 11. Since then, she has been spoiled and recently got a wonderful 12th birthday party. Molly’s mom wanted to share an update on Molly and their life together. Here’s a heartwarming snippet of what rescue looks like:

“It is a blessing to give an unwanted senior a safe, comfortable life filled with love.  Our girl doesn’t ask for anything.  She is happy to have her head scratched, a soft bed for her arthritic hips, a bowl of food when she is hungry and water whenever she wants it.  We go for walks but she tires easily.  We go to the dog park but she doesn’t know what to do with other dogs so she is happy when we head for home.  Toys don’t interest her but a walk around the yard to smell strange scents is exciting.  Right now she is sleeping on the screened porch with the breeze blowing her beautiful red hair. ”

Happy Tails Molly!