Roxy 5 y/o female

Dog ID:  190940    Sex:  Female    Age:  5 Year old

“Heya!  My name is Roxy.  I’ll give a high five to whomever can guess what’s unique about me?  (I’ll give you time to think…… Okay, time’s up!)  I have no Golden in me!  And yet TGRR rescued me anyway!  Oh silly you, you thought it was the fact that I have only 3 legs, this is true, thank you for noticing :), but I want you to know that I get around as well as any 4-legged pup.  And trust me, having one less limb does not slow me down!  In fact, it probably makes me more confident.  My foster mom calls me an “alpha.”  I may be 5-years-old, but I have the energy of a pup.  I like to play with other dogs, and I enjoy children too, although I’m a bit too wild for the little ones!  I haven’t been around cats yet, but I’m guessing it would be a lot of fun to chase them.  I’m 44 lbs. which means I can fit in your lap.  And sister, if you’re in the front seat in the car, shotgun is mine, my friend 😉

If you’ve got a house with room to roam, a big fenced yard where I can chase squirrels, and you’re up to the challenge of teaching this 3-legged rock star how to walk on a leash, then we’re perfect for each other!