190623 Bhodi

Dog ID:  190623    Sex:  Male    Age:  8

“Hey TGRR friends and family! Bodie here, reporting from my new home. I’ve got a new best friend here, her name ir Loretta. My mom and dad tell me that I came in at the right time and filled a little whole in her heart. You see, her other best friend, crossed the rainbow bridge earlier this year and she was heartbroken. My parents knew it was time to give Lo a new best friend and so they decided to foster me! And here I am, apart of their family! They knew right away that I was the right fit and adopted me 2 days after I came into their home as a foster (talk about a foster fail! But boy am I lucky). Lo tells me that she knew she liked me from first sight, and I say I agree! My new family has already taken me on fun new adventures. I’m still a little unsure of pool, so they’re taking me to Lo’s favorite place on Earth that has a nice beach and lake, they think I’ll like that! Can’t wait to try! My family makes my heart melt all the time, but especially when they say that “I saved them from what would have been a sad summer”. Awww, I need to go give them a hug right now because I’m all in my feels”. 


Welcome home Bodie!


*A note from the adopter: “My greatest advice is to consider an older dog to rescue: they’re calm and so very appreciative.”


*Adopted July 2019