Dog ID:  191046    Sex:  Male    Age:  10 Month old

“Mookie here! I am so happy to be in my “furever” home! I have really started coming out of my shell and my personality is starting to show, I am the sweetest big bear who loves to have a good time! I have a younger Golden Retriever brother, Brodie and a smaller fluffy cat sister named Wrigley. My brother and I have become inseparable, we balance each other out perfectly(he is a little wild and I am a laid back boy). Brodie and I cheer each other on when it comes to digging holes in the backyard, which our mom doesn’t like for some reason, but I don’t know why, we are just helping her garden! I have become obsessed with trying to find Wrigley(she is not as crazy about me). I love being outside, I lay at the front of the yard like I am the king and love when it’s cooler outside. My mom likes to spoil me and give me peanut butter filled Kongs (which are the best thing ever!) and I LOVE playing tug of war with Brodie and chewing on toys. I am a master of destroying toys. The first weekend my parents had me I got to see my first snow, I really loved just laying in it. I have really enjoyed the adventures my pawrents have taken me on so far, we went to Raven Rock State Park recently and my brother and I went on a long hike, got to play in the stream, and pulled our mom and dad through the mud and got us all muddy! I am also a huge cuddly teddy bear, I love cuddling with my mom and dad and even my brother.


My new fur mom saw me on TGRR website before Christmas when they were talking about getting another dog and told my dad that I was perfect and I had to be a part of the family. My mom tried to apply, but couldn’t because so many people wanted me that adoptions were closed! She was finally able to apply to TGRR and crossed all of her fingers and toes that we would be the “pawfect” match, which as you see, WE ARE! I am so happy to have found my forever home and I can’t wait to be spoiled forever!”



A few more things about Mookie:

-Him and his brother have an instagram, follow them at: @brodiebear_mookieman 

-Mookie’s pawrents did a DNA test and the results were shocking! But so neat. Turns out Mookie is….62.5% Great Pyrenees, 12.5% Chow Chow, 12.5% German Shepard, 12.5% 3 different breed groups