190522 Moxie

Dog ID:  190522    Sex:  Female    Age:  10

“Why hello there, I almost didn’t see you because I am so blissfully happy over here. Meet my new family. I’ve got myself 2 human parents, a fur sister Laska, and a fur brother Sully (the cat). My name used to be Moxie, but my new parents changed it to Nessie. They say it’s because it’s like the Loch Ness Monster, which is fitting because I LOVE WATER! Some of our daily walks even end up with swimming in the creek. I might be of the wise and senior age, but I am still very able. Able enough to go hiking with my family is Pisgah National Forest, how sweet right?! I’ve also gotten to explore with my humans. We go to local restaurants and breweries and I just love chilling with them there and meeting new people. I can’t thank my humans enough for taking a chance on this sweet, senior girl. In fact, they have a message they want me to share with you:


We specifically wanted to give a senior dog a forever home. Anybody considering a senior should absolutely give one a chance.. ours has been well behaved, loving, and just super happy being part of a family. We couldn’t ask for a better dog’


Thanks TGRR, I’m oh so happy here!”


*Adopted July 2019