Max 180949

Dog ID:  180949    Sex:  Male    Age:  5 Year old

“Hello from my new home! Max here, reporting in from my new mini FARM! You read that right, that means I have 5+ acres to explore plus a pond. Oh and my humans are home with me all the time so that means even extra lovings. I don’t even get jealous when they give my kitty sister lovings, because we have become best friends!  On my mini farm there are some cows and chickens, I didn’t even know those creatures were a thing! But my mom let’s me supervise her while she feeds the chickens and I enjoy that quite a bit. Mom doesn’t have a choice anyway because I follow her everywhere. I’ve become her sidekick, I like to protect her because she is “my person” 🙂 Life is good out here on my mini farm! OOOOH I hear the car starting, let me go see if I can go with! Thanks again TGRR!



*Adopted March 2019