180630 Bo

Dog ID:  180630    Sex:  Male    Age:  7

“HEY! Bo here reporting in from my new forever home. My family is great. I mean it, they’re GREAT! Besides my human family I now have cat siblings named Tigger and Pedie, they’re alright 😉 Sometimes, when my family is feeling extra affectionate, they call me BoBo. A cute nickname for a cute pup like me, right?! Okay, back to my humans. I love snuggling them, I even help tuck my 10 year old brother into bed at night and then sometimes I’ll sleep on the floor next to him. You know, just doing my big brother (if you count in dog years) duties! Well, I was just told it’s time for a walk, so I’ve gotta scoot! See ya later!”


*Adopted April 2019