190310 Walden (Boone)

Dog ID:  190310    Sex:  Male    Age:  1

“Hey TGRR, Walden here! My family changed my name to Walden, after Thoreau’s “Walden” because they say I look like the famous pond on a snowy day, especially with the husky heterochromia of my eye. Man, did I get pupdopted into a smart family or what?! Even cooler, I have a Golden brig brother named Riggs. He’s great because he’s teaching me patience, how to be a good dog, yet is also up for a good play session! With my family, we love to go on walks and car rides, and they play tug with me first thing in the morning after breakfast. Nothing like a little exercise to get this young body and brain going for the day! My family wants me to give a special shoutout to not only TGRR, but to volunteer Helen. Without her, our family wouldn’t be complete!”


*Adopted April 2019