190105 Duncan Playing

Dog ID:  190105    Sex:  Male    Age:  1 Year old

“HEEYYYY friends! Duncan here checking in from my forever home! I have 2 fur siblings who I love already. Gabi is a bit smaller than me, but get this the other one, Jack, also came from TGRR! So we have that special bond already. Oh can’t forget about my 2 human sisters too AND my fur-cousin who I see from time to time who ALSO came from TGRR. Talk about a full house and TGRR filled family! Since I’m young, I’m still learning things, but my family says that I am a quick learner and very well behaved, and that I am growing FAST! That’s good though, because then someday I’ll be able to whoop Jack’s butt during our daily (and sometimes hourly) wrestling sessions in the backyard! When we’re not playing I love to chew on sticks and pine cones and play with alllll the toys. As if all of that doesn’t make my life great enough, I get to snuggle with my humans and fur-siblings on the daily! It’s a match made in heaven, thank you TGRR!”


*Adopted March 2019