Dog ID:  191050    Sex:  Female    Age:  8 Month old

HEY! I’ve got some goooood new for you! Especially because I know everyone could use some good news right now. I am reporting to you from my forever home and it is absolutely WON-DER-FUL. I love my humans. They’re my best friends. But I do have some other fur best friends, mom calls them my “cousins”. Whatever they’re called, when they come around we romp around the backyard all day, you know- just dogs being dogs! 

I’ve learned some new tricks since coming home, and those are always fun to learn because it means I get treats. We also are very active together, and mom applauds me for being such a good running buddy and pacing next to her the whole time. I also like to get my energy out by playing in my backyard, even without my cousins around I do these roly poly flips and flops that make the humans laugh. 

My favorite thing to report? When I came home, mom said that I wouldn’t be allowed on the bed, but at nighttime, it is my favorite place to snuggle right up next to me, so she caved 🙂 We don’t go to bed without saying good night to each other. Mom has taught me “touch” which means I bring my nose to hers and it is the ultimate way to say “I love you” and “good night”.

Well, that’s all for now folks! We’re going to enjoy some fresh air together, and hopefully some belly rubs sneak their way in!