Luna G

Luna G_200210

Dog ID:  200210    Sex:  Female    Age:  1 Year old

“Helllllo! Luna here, coming at you with the company of my favorite fur siblings. Murphy (he’s the red one) and Kelly (she’s the not Golden one) are my best friends ever! Like for real, we play literally all day and then we crash into a deep slumber at night because we are so worn out. My daddy even holds me at night when I’m tired and it makes the snooze that much better! And thennnnn when we wake up the next morning and momma gives me a puppy massage to get me ready for another day of play (and to show me how much she loves me). Momma is also helping me learn new tricks and this thing called “obedience training”. There are a few other things that I love about my new home. 1) The cats. They are sooooo interesting but they don’t love how I follow them around 🙂 2) I love chasing birds in the backyard with my siblings. 3) We also have young humans who like to play with us- talk about a FULL house that never stops moving! And 4) I’m excited to see what the pool in our backyard is like. My siblings tell me that the water is fun to swim in. Phewy that was too much talking and too little playing. Time to go! Thank you TGRR!