Dog ID:  200312    Sex:  Male    Age:  7 Year old

Hello! The name is Winston and I love to smile. I’m a 7 year old Golden mix. I’m a pretty cool guy honestly. I love to go for walks and car rides and am very food motivated. Maybe that’s why I was tipping the scale at 100 lbs a year ago? Not to worry, I’m healthy now! Although I am quite content being a couch potato 🙂 But I do get eager to go outside, especially if that means we’re going on walks. I love humans, especially my foster humans right now, I’m so eager to please them. I think I’d be eager to please you too! Because like I said, I love humans. Oh wait… let me rephrase, I love all big humans. Those small ones make me get a little testy, I guess you can say I’m choosy on who I’m tolerant of. Another example, I’m tolerant with pretty much all other dogs, but would prefer to be an only fur-child in your home. So, what do you say? Is your home my forever home?