Dog ID:  200104    Sex:  Male    Age:  9 Year old

Oh TGRR friends, I do love my new home so much. I lucked out with my 2 new humans. They’re what they call “newlyweds” and it’s just them and me! Which means they spoil me from sun up to sun down. My favorite thing they do? Scratch me under my chin. Ooooo that feels good. We’ve had a lot of fun times together already and they’ve helped me learn things called “sit, lay and stay”, and then they give me a TREAT for doing what they ask! Talk about a good time! You know what else is a good time? Walks and car rides. Mom and dad thinks it’s funny how I start hopping around when we’re about to go on one of those because I’m so excited. I love both of my parents so so much, and I’ve especially taken a liking to always being by mom. You know, just in case she ever needs me 🙂 TGRR, I can’t thank you enough for my family. They’ve shown me so much love, and they tell me that I’ll feel even more love next week on the 29th when we get to celebrate my 10th bday together!”