Louise – Adopted!

Louise 230210 - 1

Dog ID:  230210    Sex:  Female    Age:  1 Year old

My name is Louise, I weigh 65 lbs. and I’m not quite two.

I’m very shy so instead of chatting, I’ve made a poem for you.

I’ll try to explain myself the best that I can,

Maybe by the end you’ll be my number one fan.

I’ll thrive my best with a mentor dog for me,

One that I can learn from, play with, and simply just be.

I’m young and energetic and a little bit wobbly,

So you need to be steady on your feet unless getting knocked over is your hobby.

I do like to play so I hope you do too,

And after play sessions I’ll come snuggle with you.

I hope that you know that I’m a sweet little girl,

And maybe if you’re willing, you’ll give me a whirl?

Best friends for life, I think we can be,

But don’t forget a mentor dog for shy little me.

I can’t wait to meet you and wag my tail full of fur,

When you fill out your application, be sure to say “I like her!”