Budha 230531 - 4

Dog ID:  230531    Sex:  Male    Age:  5 Year old

Hello friend! The name is Buddha and I’m a 5-year-old, overweight Mix weighing in at 73 lbs. My favorite things include but are not limited to: hanging out with humans, chasing tennis balls, wading in pools of water – ahhh, and playing with my canine foster brother. I’ve got a good amount of energy so I enjoy going out multiple times per day to play and relieve that energy. I am a bouncy, charge into you kind of guy, so it would be best if I live with grownups who are very steady on their feet, aka:  I jump on you when I’m excited and will definitely knock over the tiny human kind. For some reason my foster mom has started calling me “Bulldozer.” I think this means I need to work on this!

So look, I’m a sweet dude, I love people, I like most dogs I meet, and I have learned to adapt to having cats in the home, just a little fyi for ya. Hmmm, let’s see what else? Oh, I’m “getting better on a leash” hehe.😀 Okay that’s all, I’m ready to meet you!