Cooper – Adopted!

Cooper 230318 - 3

Dog ID:  230318    Sex:  Male    Age:  1 Year old

HI! I’m Cooper, and I’m a one-year-old, VERY handsome, 91 lb. boy, and I’m still learning the ropes. I’d love to say that I’m a gentle giant, but actually, I’m just a giant. Okay, I might be gentle with YOU, but not other dogs. I’m just being honest here.

TGRR trainers are teaching me some “tricks.” Isn’t that what you call it when they tell you to do something, you do it, and then you get a treat? Or is that “training?” Either way, I need to tell you that I need an active home that is ready to keep up with the tricks… eh, training… whatever! I am good so far with:  Sit, Stay, Come, gently accepting attention, and giving you this cute inquisitive look of mine. I like riding in the car, I wear a seat belt (like you!) and I am crate trained – I’m told that’s a plus? We’re gonna need to go for walks because I’m energetic, but you’re gonna need to put a training collar on me for walks to control my large and energetic self. I will likely try to greet other humans while we’re out because like I said earlier, I DO like humans. It’s the other furry kind that I don’t particularly care for. So yeah, with that being said. no cats. But anywho, I like you… you beautiful human. Let’s be friends! 😍