Chewy – Adopted!

Chewy 220637 - 4

Dog ID:  220637    Sex:  Male    Age:  2 Year old

Howdy! The name is Chewy, and I am a playful, loveable, strong, 2-year-old, 65 lb. pup! TGRR thinks I’m a Newfoundland/ Golden Mix and yes, I’m handsome as can be! Honestly, I use my handsome-ness to my advantage. I mean who can say no to this face when I want to sit on your lap while we watch TV, or when I put my paws on the kitchen counter? I do need more training, so they say. But I say:  have you seen me sit, drop it, and go in my kennel on demand? Yep – I do those things (flawlessly might I add)!

Not only am I handsome, I’m also playful as heck! Do you want to play fetch or tug-of-war sometime? That’d be fun! I love playing with humans, although my size scares little humans. Cats? I haven’t lived with one yet, but I’ve seen a few from a distance, and I think they look kinda cute. Other dogs? I love them! Shoot, maybe you have one I can play with who can teach me how to walk on a leash better? Ah heck, who am I kidding. I’m only “bad” on a leash because I like to make my presence known. Good looks demand attention, right?

I’m confident and strong, but I’m…. oh what did the humans call me…? Thunderphobic. What I want to know is who gave the sky permission to sound like that?! I hate to even admit that I’m a scaredy cat, but if I can be near you, it helps a lot.

Okay back to the good stuff. I’m handsome as heck and sweet as can be. I will crawl my big self all over you just to snuggle. So, get ready! Your house is about to get a lot more good-looking, a lot more fun, and a lot more sweet!