Tucker – Adopted!

Tucker 210420 - 1

Dog ID:  210420    Sex:  Male    Age:  18 Month old

Oh hey, hello! They call me Tucker and I’m 1 1/2 years old and I weigh 50 pounds. They also call me Wiggles because I wiggle with my whole body when I’m happy. And I’m happy all the time!! I love to play and my favorite thing is to bring you stuff. In fact, my job is to move things from one room to another. I’ve taught my foster mom and dad that when I move their things for them, I then need cuddles from them. Speaking of my foster family, I have my very own foster brother! He and I play and play and play. We like to wrestle and tug and run zoomies. I’m really hoping that my forever family has a young dog who loves to play because it’s my favorite thing. My other favorite thing is going on walks on the Greenway with my foster mom. She goes kinda slow, but it’s still awesome. I love walkies and would even love to have someone who likes to run or at least go a bit faster than foster mom. Are you the one I’ve been waiting for to adopt me? I’d love to meet you and find out!