Chester – ADOPTED!

Chester 210317-3

Dog ID:  210317    Sex:  Male    Age:  10 Year old

“Howdy ya’ll, Chester here. They say I’m a 10-year-old Golden Retriever weighing in at 76 lbs., but I honestly think they’re wrong on my age, cause I act and feel like a 3-year-old!  Almost everyday I hear my foster mom say, “I just can’t imagine what this boy must have been like when he was a youngin’.” I guess it’s this premature graying happening on my nose that throws these folks on my age.

Tell me this, are you looking for a constant companion that lives for attention from you, one who loves to chase a tennis ball and brings the ball back (well, most of time I bring it back), who loves to do zoomies in a big fenced yard, take a dip in a pond, who loves car rides, ignores cats (unless they run from me, then I must chase them), and whose smart as can be with all those obedience commands you humans like to teach us dogs?  Then I AM your man!  Confession time:  my leash manners need some work, I’ve been known to help myself to anything edible left on the countertop, and I’m not fond of little dogs.  Truth be told….  I’d love to be an only dog, so I can get ALL of your attention. If you think you can keep up with me, then mention my name when you complete an application. I can’t wait to meet you!!!”