Toby – Adopted!

Toby 210421 - 1

Dog ID:  210421    Sex:  Male    Age:  1 Year old

“HIYA! I’m Toby and I’m 1 and I weigh in at 60 pounds and I’m so excited to meet you! In fact, I’m excited to meet everyone, especially other doggies like me. I LOVE to run around with other dogs and I’m hope, hope, hoping that my forever family has a dog or two like me who loves to play. I like to wrestle and to play tug most. I’ll be honest, everyone thinks I might be part herding dog because I like to nip playfully at ears to get the play started, so you’re gonna need to have a dog that can put up with that from me. I’m not mean or anything, I just want to get the party started, ya know? Tennis balls, yep, I love chasing them! But no, I probably won’t bring it back to you, ha ha! I’m good in the car and I go into a crate for a treat, no problem. Cats? Well, probably it’s better that you don’t have one because I like to chase them. Kids? I had lots of kids around where I lived before and I think they’re fun! I love going for walkies and I pull on the leash a bit when we first get started, but I listen when my humans tell me to settle down. Snuggling? I’m all in! I love being around humans as much as possible and my foster mom says her lap is never free anymore (I think she likes it as much as I do). One of my favoritest things in the whole wide world is to go swimming! I LOVE just laying in the kiddie pool and splashing about. If I could go swimming in a pool or a lake, well it’s like I’ve died and gone to heaven, ya know? Anyway, I’ve got to go run and play with my foster siblings now, but I sure hope to get to meet you and your doggos soon!”