Emily 200625

Dog ID:  200625    Sex:  Female    Age:  9 Year old

Hello there beautiful, my name is Emily. I’m a 9-year-old Golden and a petite little thing. I only weigh 53 pounds, and I am quite the gem! What I’m learning in my foster home (my first real and loving home ever) is that I like to be around my human. I’m a very affectionate and attentive gal. I love it when my foster mom brushes my fur and takes me for car rides. I even like it when she brushes my teeth (the few I have left that is)! I like to play and hang out in the backyard with foster mom, but there is one thing you should know. I have a special front paw, well it’s not really a full leg and paw. So playing and walking on hard surfaces like cement, and climbing stairs, is no fun for me. I hope you’re not allergic to grass because we could be spending a lot of outdoor time there! I would do best in a calm home with someone who is home more than they’re away. 🙂 I’d prefer to have you all to myself, but if you do have another dog, I’d prefer it be calm and a bit older like me. Cats you ask? I love them (as long as they’re not real playful), I’ve even shared my crate with my foster kitty sibling – I love my crate so that’s a big deal! How about children? Well you may have caught my drift by now that I’d like a calmer home, so I really don’t like to be around kids. All in all I’m a really sweet girl! Do you have room in your home and your heart for a sweet 9-year-old lady?