Toby 200207

Dog ID:  200207    Sex:  Male    Age:  3 Month old

HI! What’s your name? My name is Toby. I’m a Golden Mix and yeah, very young, I’m only 12 weeks only. But boy aren’t I a good looking pup huh? Imagine me when I’m grown! Speaking of, We don’t quite know how big I’ll get. I could be a medium size pup, I could be a large pup, only time will tell! I might be somewhat of a shy little guy, but I do LOVE to play in the fenced in yard, do you have a big one I can explore in? Ohhh how about other fur-siblings for me? I’d love to explore this world with not only you, but other fur companions too! Especially another dog who can help me learn how to be the best dog possible. I feel safe with other dogs, I look to them for guidance. I’m still coming out of my shell with humans, but don’t worry I’ve already made progress with my foster family! My foster mom has been doing fun things with me such as teaching me how to go to the bathroom outside, teaching me tricks and commands, and helping me be a good boy on the leash. Overall, I’m a catch! I get along with dogs, cats, and kids. I go in my crate easily, I do well in a car, and I’m a quick learner! If you’re ready to work with me on coming out of my shell and being less nervous when I meet new people, then I would love your assistance, and your love!