Dog ID:  200105    Sex:  Female    Age:  5 Year old

Hello 🙂 My new name is Bonnie and I got adopted by the best family EVER! I have a human mom and dad, a fur brother named Sammy, 2 cat siblings named Jonesy and Reilly, and a yard full of chickens, ducks, and bunnies to play with! Mom and dad like to brag because ‘I get along beautifully with everyone’. 

My favorite thing about my new, forever home (besides my family) is running laps around the yard with Sammy. But even better, I lovveeee when we get to snuggle in bed together on the weekend mornings- you know, the mornings that are slower moving than the rest!

Mom and dad say that I’m the perfect mix of silly and sweet…. Guilty 🙂 and that I’m exactly what they were looking for to ‘complete’ their family. Aw shucks mom and dad, I love you!