Stella – Adopted!

Stella 230208 - 2

Dog ID:  230208    Sex:  Female    Age:  4 Year old

Oooh, hello there.😁  I’m Stella, I’m a 55 lb. English Cream Golden and I’m 4 years old.

You wanna know something funny about me? I’m what you could call a “leaner.” In fact, you better be really steady on your feet or I could knock you over – I just love ya so much!! I’m still working on leash manners but I do know all of the basic commands like sit, stay, lay down… you know, all the fun stuff that gets me treats! I love mostly adult humans because you’re cool and not crazy loud. It’s OK if the tinier versions of you come for an occasional visit, I am calm and sweet with them, I’d just rather not live with little humans full time. Oh, and I’m good with other dogs and with cats too – yay me! I do need help learning how to get into a car though. Up until now I haven’t had much practice at getting in cars. But you know what I really, really like? Long walks. Mmm, can’t you just picture chasing the sunset with me right now? I sure can! ❤️