Caine – Adopted!

Caine 230103 - 1

Dog ID:  230103    Sex:  Male    Age:  3 Year old


Everyone is talking about the new movie. Have you seen it? Look at my photos. Am I photogenic or what?!! All I can say is…if I had gotten the casting call, I SO would have been chosen to be in that movie as Barbie’s Bestie! Surely you remember her puppy, Taffy, right? We’re practically twins!

Oh well, Barbie’s loss is your gain! Just take a look at my acting portfolio and you will see that I could definitely be the next STAR ⭐️ of your life!

  • 3-year-old, handsome male, Golden Retriever Mix (I prefer Hybrid)
  • Very skilled at shadowing (aka, velcro dog)
  • Skillfully performs Sit, Stay, No, Wait & Heel (as long as there isn’t a squirrel on the set)
  • Quickly transitions from high energy to laid back (as you wish)
  • Works well with all actors (humans), other dogs, have not worked with cats yet
  • Reliably takes potty breaks on cue & follows all stage/home rules = no crate needed!
  • Shows great enthusiasm with toy props, grooming, walks, attention and FOOD
  • Has mastered sleeping roles (sleeps soundly through the night)
  • Given medical clearance to perform all roles – thanks TGRR for getting rid of my nasty heart worms! 💜
  • Still rehearsing these skills…leash walking, controlling urges to chase squirrels off script, not getting carsick during long drive scenes/rollercoaster roads, growling at thunder/fireworks.

References:  Lassie – “Do not miss out on the chance to add this rising star to your acting family. Caine is a gentle, sweet, smart young dog that easily adjusts to your schedule. He is eager to please, food motivated and a great addition to any team.”

If you are an active, high-energy director – especially if you already have another dog on staff, please contact TGRR ASAP to arrange an interview with me – before Barbie and Ken catch wind of me! 😉