Rip 230316 - 1

Dog ID:  230316    Sex:  Male    Age:  1 Year old

Check me out – I’m Rip! From the outside, I’m a typical one-year-old Golden Retriever, ready for fun and eager to please. But on the inside, my heart makes a murmur. This means I have to go into my crate if I get too excited and my heart beats really fast, because I might pass out. It also means I won’t get to be around as long as other dogs, so let’s make the most of every second I get to be here! 😍

I just went to the doctor and they said I weigh 59 pounds. I have to go the veterinarian more often than other dogs, including a special vet over at NC State because my heart is so special. But enough about my heart, let me tell you what makes me, me!

I’m sweet to the core and I fall in love with everyone I meet! I love other dogs and I really love playing tug with my canine foster sister or my foster mom. My foster mom has a cat too, so I’m used to them but I confess sometimes I like to bully the old girl. She ends up putting me in my place.😁  I haven’t been around too many children yet, but they sound like fun! I tend to get super excited when I meet new people, which means I might knock little kids over. They tell me my “leash manners” aren’t very good, but I’m up for more practice and training if you are! I’m smart and eager to please so I think we can make short work of improving my leash manners. Just know that I can’t go for hikes or long walks because of this heart thing I have.

Basically, I’m a love bug. Are you home lots so I could be with you and get lots of attention? Do you have a dog I could play with, one that’s not too wild and will settle down when I need to settle down? I’m looking for a family I can call my own. Do you think that could be you? I hope so!