Kally – Adoption Pending

Kally 240322 - 9

Dog ID:  240322    Sex:  Female    Age:  7 Year old

I have a question for you:  what do you picture when you picture a Golden Retriever?   ….If you pictured ME, you answered correctly!

I’ve been described as “gentle,” “loving,” and “playful,” and without trying to sound like I’m bragging, I must agree! I’m 7-years-old and a little on the “pudgy” side at 90 pounds (yes, I must lose 10-15 pounds, I know, and I’m working on it!). I love to be petted and I love to chase me some squirrels too. I carry my toys around like babies and I walk well on a leash. You might have to heft me into the car, but once I’m in, I ride like a champ! My foster family has cats that I’m very curious about, but I don’t mess with them unless they run from me and then it’s game on! I used to have grandkids come and visit with me where I used to live, so I’m used to kids. I’m not picky though – I’m going to fit in pretty much anywhere, but I sure would like it if you had another dog for me to hang out with.

If you are looking for a traditional Golden to add to your family, ask about me!