Bella – ADOPTED!

Bella 240111 - 5

Dog ID:  240111    Sex:  Female    Age:  8 Year old

Hey, over here! Check me out – I’m Bella and I love attention! I’m 8 years old and on the chunky side at 102 pounds. I’m on a diet these days ’cause I really need to slim down. I’m sweet and loving and will give you all the feels.

I could be more into toys, but I doubt it – I LOVE toys! I love to play with them almost as much as I love to destroy them! I dare you to find a toy I can’t take apart!  I like other dogs, but I am not great about sharing toys with them (cause I love them and they’re MINE, ya see?), so I’ll probably do best as your only dog. I’m great on a leash and I love a good walk. But when we’re home, I am a true homebody – I’m not much for hanging out in the backyard without you – I’d much rather be with you inside chillin’.

Here’s one thing you need to know about me:  once in a blue moon, I have an anxiety attack. They’re a mystery to me, to my foster family and TGRR’s vet. I’m not sure what brings them on or why I get them, but every now and then they take over and all I can do is pace and whine and carry a toy in my mouth. The vet has given me some medicine to try for when it happens again so hopefully that’ll help.

All in all, I’m a pretty perfect package! Hopefully you think so too! If so, I can’t wait to meet you!