Rex – Adopted!

Rex 201046-4

Dog ID:  201046    Sex:  Male    Age:  2 Year old

Hello! My name is Rex. I’m a 2 year old, 56 lb. Golden Mix and I’m a strong and energetic fella! Let me make this clear: I love you. I already know I do, because I love humans. In fact, I love you so much that I don’t want to share you with any other dog. You might now be wondering about children. Let me also make this clear: I am a strong boy and my lovable weakness is that I like to jump on people (because again, I love you). So children wouldn’t be a good fit for me because well, they’d be on their bum more than their feet. Do you like to be active? Oh good, because me too! I LOVE to go for walks and am learning how to not pull so hard on the leash from excitement. I also love to play in the backyard and envision myself out in a large fenced in backyard with you playing games, playing with toys, etc. Oh! But guess what. I can jump over a 4 foot fence (talk about athleticism), so let’s make sure my backyard has at least a 6 foot fence. Overall, I’m a fun-loving guy! Since living with my foster family I’ve learned how to sit and am learning more commands and just overall “good boy manners”. So what do you say? Best buds for life? Fill out the adoption application and mention my name, Rex!