Ollie 230850 - 1

Dog ID:  230850    Sex:  Male    Age:  1 Year old

Helloooo there! I’m Ollie (that’s short for Oliver), and I’m a two-year-old, handsome, 62 lb. boy. I love grown up humans, kids make me nervous, I don’t really like other dogs, and I’ve never been around cats – just telling you like it is.

My foster dad says I have the typical energy of a two-year old Golden. I LOVE playing tug with one of those rope toys that has a ball attached to it. Sometimes I swing it round and round and round until my head starts swimming!🤪  I know how to “Sit”, “Stay” (sometimes), I’ve almost got that “Down” thing under my belt, and I’m working on not getting so excited when people come to visit that I jump on them to show how happy I am to see them. I’m great walking on leash unless I see a squirrel or rabbit, then hold on tight ‘cause I must investigate those creatures! I love my crate, but most of all, I love when my humans pet me and give me attention. I would love to live in a rural area with a big fenced yard where we can play and I can chase any squirrels or rabbits that try to visit us. 😍

Now, isn’t it time for you to submit your application and see if you might get to take me home with you??! 💗