Princess – Adopted!

Princess 230959 - 5

Dog ID:  230959    Sex:  Female    Age:  1 Year old

Hi, I’m Princess! No, really – I am a REAL princess. I’m young, have beautiful blonde hair and would look great in a tiara! The only thing is… I don’t have a royal family or a castle.😥

Even though I’m only 16 months old, like any good princess, I’ve been working hard on my etiquette training. I am housebroken, know some commands (sit, come, down), I’m a lovely rider in the royal limo, and I love my crate. In fact, my crate is so lovely that I dine and sleep in it. Which is a good thing because it is the safest place for me (for both me and the castle decor) whenever you are away or asleep. What makes me wave and smile the most is playing with other dogs & children over 10, being with my people, and snuggling. I also love toys – all the toys, and swimming!

I am still working on some other princess-like attributes:  like not jumping on people to give them a kiss, walking more lady-like on a leash, and weight loss to regain my girlish figure (81 pounds is far too much on my frame & I have all these dresses I can’t wear!) And of course, learning to not chew things.

The perfect castle for me would be one that has another youthful dog for me to romp with, children over 10 (not sure about cats yet), a family that is okay with crating me, and one that is committed to my continued weight loss. Aside from this – I am a perfect Golden Princess – playful, lovable and snuggly – and looking forward to a royally good time with you!!!