Oliver – Adopted!

Oliver 220750 - 1

Dog ID:  220750    Sex:  Male    Age:  6 Year old

Hello!!! My name is Oliver, and I am an active 6-year-old, 56 lb. Golden and I loveeeee attention!😍 I also love to play fetch with tennis balls. Emphasis on the plural, because I won’t drop one until I’m sure you have another one to throw. Although yes, it’s true, I’m an energetic fella, I am also willing to snuggle by your side if you need to take a break for a bit. Oh, and I’m also quite smart. I respond to my name, I’m happy to go in my crate, I’ll sit if you tell me to. Just lower your expectations on my leash-walking skills, okay? I’m still working on those. HaHa.

Okay, now to the best part I know you’re waiting to hear…. I’m good with other dogs, cats, and even children! Talk about a GOLDEN boy! I just want to clarify, even if you have all of the above, I still expect a lot of attention from you, okay? Can we “shake” and make that a deal? Okay cool! Do you want to be friends? I do!