Knox – Adopted!

Knox 221059 - 1

Dog ID:  221059    Sex:  Male    Age:  2 Year old

Hello! The handsome guy in the photo is named Knox. And that handsome guy is me! I’m a 2-year-old English Cream Golden Retriever, and I’m a big boy at 85lbs. I’m a young fella with energy to burn! Hey! Get this! They say that I am “sweet as pie.” Aw shucks.😍

I LOVE to play with other dogs. The bigger the dog the better because, well I’m strong and big, remember? The true definition of “ruff housing” is what I’m all about, but it’s all fun and games! It’s even fun with those cats too, I like them. Actually, I like everyone, even kiddos. But I’ve been told I would knock down the tiny ones, so older kids only is what I’m supposed to tell you. Yeah, and foster mom does not like it when all 85 lbs. of me pulls on the leash, or when I jump on her. Just a few kinks we’re trying to iron out I guess.

I just love you humans so I would really love to meet you and maybe you can be my forever family?!