Oliver 2

Oliver 221169 - 2

Dog ID:  221169    Sex:  Male    Age:  8 Month old

12/26/2022: his owner recovered from her medical issues & asked if she could have him back. We had received zero interest in him, so he was returned to his owner. LS


Hellllooo there! My name is Oliver. I’m 8-months old, I weigh 50 lbs., I’ve got energy to burn, and I’m a Goldendoodle. I love squeaky toys, playing tug of war, and I love love love to play with other dogs, especially dogs that like to play lots and lots like me. I could do zoomies from sunrise to sundown! I haven’t been around children or cats, so I don’t know what I think of them. Hmm what else? I’m a love bug, totally Golden-like, and I adore attention from my people.❤️

On the other hand, TGRR thinks I should be adopted by someone who’s willing to enlist a professional trainer for me or someone who has experience training a wild thing like me. What is training anyway? Do you know? You see, I haven’t been exposed to the world very much, so I’m uneasy in new situations. I’ve been told I don’t “listen very well.” For example, if you call me, there’s a good chance I’ll ignore you, there’s just so much to smell in the yard, why would I want to listen to you? I love to go for walks but I’m horrible on a leash, I pull lots. And I get a little ‘mouthy’ when I’m excited. There’s more, but you get the idea.

Do you work from home? I’d love that! We could be together all the time. You could help me do my ‘homework’ from ‘training,’ because we’d be together all the time! I hope we can hang out soon! What was that? It’s a SQUIRREL – I’m out of here! BYEEE!