Dog ID:  200313    Sex:  Male    Age:  1 Year old

HELLO! MY NAME IS MILO! Oh sorry, was I screaming? Oopsies, I couldn’t tell, because I’m deaf. I’m also cute as a button, and I have Cerebellar Hypoplasia. Put that together with my deafness and I’m a special kind of dog…. And provide a special kind of love 🙂 What is Cerebellar Hypoplasia? Basically, I’m unable to control my movements, so I move a lot to try to find my center of gravity. So yep, you can sometimes find me walking in circles living in my own little happy world!

I’ve been with a trainer since I came to TGRR and she is wonderful! Even with my special fun-ness, she has been able to help me try to LEARN tricks and commands. Talk about a hero! What she wants my forever family to know is that routine is very, very important to me. I’m crate trained (and it needs to stay that way), and when I’m let out of the crate, I need to go potty often, and in the same spot. My food and water… you guessed it, also needs to be in the same spot! You might be wondering how I would do with another dog? Well, well, well I LOVE playing with other dogs! In fact, a home with another Golden would be the best match-made-in-doggy-heaven EVER. Maybe even another young dog like me, so we can grow up together! (I’m 1 year old & 65 lbs in case I forgot to tell you)

So friend, what is life without a little challenge? If you want boring, then keep scrolling, because that is not what I can bring to the table. But what I CAN bring is a life full of laughs, some challenges, and a whole lot of love. SEE you soon (but not hear you soon. Get it? bum dum dum)