Layla 190834

Dog ID:  190834    Sex:  Female    Age:  4 Year old

Layla here, reporting in from my new home! I got adopted on October 2, 2019 and it has been the greatest experience of my little life! My mom wanted to tell you just how much they love me, and how thankful they are for TGRR:

“She is perfect!  My hubby and I love her very much and she seems to be a very happy girl.  She a very loving dog, a “stick with us” shadow, and is always wanting to please us.

She likes to chase squirrels, rabbits, birds, and lizards in our fenced yard but she keeps an eye out to make sure she sees where we are. We live on a lake and she loves chasing jet-skis when they go by.  She has a path worn at the lakeside fence and the good thing is we don’t have to use the weed-eater there any more – she keeps the grass worn down next to the fence.  She also likes to play ball and tug rope.

It is amazing how loving she has become – she wants to be petted all the time, and we are happy to do it!  She likes having her hair brushed and combed.  If she sees us pick up her comb she comes running and sits down for her grooming – really amazing.  She loves to go for rides.  She is excellent inside our home.  She does snore pretty loudly sometimes (makes us chuckle.)”


What mom didn’t say, is how thankful I AM for them! It really is a match made in heaven and I am such a happy girl with my new family 🙂


Thank you TGRR!