Bailey 200836

Dog ID:  200836    Sex:  Female    Age:  4 Year old

Well hey there! The name is Bailey, I’m 4 years old, and I weigh in at a mere 50 pounds. Would you like to help me learn how wonderful it is to be a Golden Retriever? You see, I’ve lived what you might call a “sheltered life,” so living indoors, going for walks on a leash, and being around people is brand new to me. If I’m totally honest here, I’m quite shaken up and a bit scared by this new world I’m experiencing since coming to TGRR!


My foster home has another dog that I follow around a lot. She’s teaching me the ropes like when it’s time to eat, that the weird sound the microwave makes is no big deal and things like that. Do you have a confident outgoing dog that could be my sidekick and guide? I ride well in the car, I don’t mind cats or other dogs (I said that already didn’t I?), and I like grown-up humans, just on my own time. I’m not ready for little humans in my life just yet. Oh, and although I am afraid of many things, there’s not an aggressive bone in my body. I’m just a really sweet girl looking for a patient, loving forever home ready to teach me how to be well…..   A true Golden. Can you help me with that? 🙂