Gabe 200834

Dog ID:  200834    Sex:  Male    Age:  8 Year old

Oh hello there! My name is Gabe. I’m a handsome 8 year old Golden Retriever and I am the perfect gentleman. I’m pretty laid back, but like to play outside and go on walks. Oh and I do pretty good on a leash too! I’m also house trained and ride well in a car. Sometimes I can be a little bit jumpy, like not on people but in how I react to your commands, but it’s because I’m still learning true human love and sometimes get afraid to be reprimanded. I just want to be the perfect dog, you know? I get along well with other dogs and cats and older kids, but keep in mind that I’m laid back, so I would prefer all my new companions (human and furry) to also be fairly laid back. Let’s see, what else do you need to know about handsome old me? Oh yeah, I’m entering my senior years so I do have some arthritis in these ole hips, but I still get around well! Sometimes I can be stubborn but only when you are trying to force me to do something. Again, I get confused that I may be doing something wrong. So be patient and calm with me, take me on walks, and love me until the end of time and I will be your bff side kick. What’s that saying? Oh yeah, let’s “Netflix and Chill” together. Eh, what do you say?