Dog ID:  191256    Sex:  Female    Age:  6 Year old

Hello there! It’s Harper, I’m over here in my new home. Here’s my story…. My now forever mom started off as my foster mom. She picked me up in February to bring me home as her foster, and only a couple of days later she adopted me! My mom loved how energetic and loving that I was (am) and she said that she “could not comprehend delaying the process). My mom lived at home alone before me and is retired which means we get to spend so much time together, we’re a perfect fit! I enjoy always being around mom, she saved my life when she brought me into her home. My favorite thing to do is first thing in the morning is that I ‘rear up’ and put my front paws on mom’s legs and give her a big big grin. Mom says the first time I did this it made her heart smile because I was whimpering with happiness. I now do it everyday to tell her how much I love her and how happy I am to spend the rest of forever with her. The rest of our lives we will hang out as we go on daily walks and navigate our lives together as the dynamic duo. Thank you TGRR for giving me her, I love life with mom!