Daisy 200521

Dog ID:  200521    Sex:  Female    Age:  3 Year old

Hi! The name’s Daisy. I’m a 3 year old, 77 lb Golden/ Pyrenees mix! I think we’ll get along great. Why you ask? Well, I’m very sweet, and very active. Do you like to be outdoors all day? Because SAME! Think of all of the adventures we could go on together. Except, you’re going to need to help me get just a smidge better on the leash 😉 Other than that, I’m a hoot! I love to play with other dogs. In fact, I’d love to have a canine sibling to play play play with!  I get along with cats, I know commands, I’m housebroken, oh and I’m a wonderful watchdog. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. I do feel the need to remind you that I am no petite little girl, I’m big and I’m strong! So small children probably won’t work, just because I’d be afraid of knocking them over, especially when the zoomies hit. Other than that, my foster mom wanted me to tell you that I’m a really great gal and that she feels safe with me around. So, what do you say? Adventure buddy? Netflix and chill buddy? I could do both really, so let’s meet!