Cash #211053 - 7

Dog ID:  211053    Sex:  Male    Age:  1 Year old

Hello there!

I’m Cash, and I am so-o-o-o excited to tell you about me!

Are you looking for an active dog who is also fully obedience trained? Well look no further, I’m your guy! I might not look like a Golden Retriever, actually I’m half Golden and half Pointer. I just turned one, I weigh 65 lbs., and I’m ALL puppy! I would make a great hiking partner and be a great addition to a active family.  I’m dog friendly, love to play fetch with my chuck-it, love to swim, play tug, play with toys, and I love all kinds of balls, even deflated soccer balls! I even love my crate! Actually, I love life!!

A big fenced yard with a six foot or higher fence is a MUST for me since I’ve been known to jump fences. I’m good with cats, but I have too much spunk for young kids (teenagers are OK).

I need someone who has patience and will continue my training and spend lots of time with me. I wouldn’t be a good fit for a busy family without the time to devote to me, but why would they not want to? I’m so handsome and adorable!


Cash ❤️