Brody – Adopted!

Brody 210209-7

Dog ID:  210209    Sex:  Male    Age:  2 Year old

Hello hello! My name is Brody, nice to meet you! I’m a 2 year old Golden mix and I weigh 64 pounds. I’m a pretty cool fella if I do say so myself. I’m super handsome and an overall good boy. I do well in the car and in a crate. In fact, my foster parents feed me in the crate, I sleep in there, oh and they put me in there when they are gone because I’m… what do they say…. curious! I get along great with my foster brother and love expending my energy with him! We play tug together and run around the yard and wrestle. I could live really well alongside another dog, especially one that wants to play with me! You might be curious about cats? I don’t mind them, If they run away I know it’s because they want me to chase them, so I will! Oh and kids? I’ve only been around the older and taller kind and I like them, but I hear there are smaller and louder versions that I have yet to meet. Hmm, what else? Oh leashes! Those things that hold me back when we’re on a walk. Yeah, I’ve gotten better on those. The humans have done well at teaching me how to be a good boy, I’d say I’m pretty smart and learn quickly! I will say, I’d love to be with a family that can be active with me! You know, go on all sorts of adventures as you humans call them. Oh, and with another dog to be my forever adventure buddy 🙂