Misha – Adopted!

Misha 210103-3

Dog ID:  210103    Sex:  Male    Age:  4 Year old

Heyyy! My name is Misha, what’s your name? I’m a 4-year-old, 70 lb. Golden, and I can’t wait to play and explore with you! I’m definitely an energetic pup, are you an energetic human? Do you have another energetic pup for me to play with? Ooooh that would be so great! I love to fetch, and hike, and yes, I even like to cuddle. Whoo wee, you should see me when I get the zoomies, I really get going! I gotta tell you, I do know the basic commands but I’m still learning manners, so an obedience class would be good, especially if treats are involved! I’m a little clumsy on a leash and have been known to pull a bit, but I guess that’s part of that whole obedience class thing? Oh boy new human, I already love you! I love all humans actually, although I sometimes knock over the little ones so let’s steer clear of those. In fact, I love humans so much that I don’t even like to let you be in a room alone. If you’re there, so am I #AttachedAtTheHip. Okay, meet you soon, BYE!