Arya – Adopted!

Arya - #210727 - 5

Dog ID:  210727    Sex:  Female    Age:  3 Year old

Who’s a good girl? I’m a good girl! I’m Arya, and I just turned 3! Aren’t I beautiful? I’m a bit on the small side for a Golden Retriever weighing in at 45 lbs., I’m what you would call a petite girl.

Life with my foster family is WON-DER-FUL! You know why? They take me for lots of walks and give me so much attention, AND they’re showing me things I’m not sure I’ve ever seen before. For example, have you guys discovered air conditioner vents? I just learned about them and Wow!  It’s the greatest invention ever!!!  I like to cover it with my body so I can capture all the cold air. Foster mom calls me:  “Arya – protector and defender of the kitchen A/C vent!” 🙂

Except for trying to steal treats, food and all the attention away from my foster sister, I have very nice manners. Therefore, I think I will be happiest as an only dog so I can have you all to myself! My leash manners are impeccable and walks are good for me ‘cause I don’t have the greatest hips. I like kids, just not the young bouncy ones. I ride well in the car and I love my crate. Just tell me, “Go to bed,” and I’ll walk right in! I tolerate cats by pretending they don’t exist, and I am not scared of thunderstorms or other loud noises.

A lot of the world is still new to me, so I’m looking for a family that will be patient with me and help me gain confidence in new situations. I’m one of those girls that will take your love and affection any time you want to give it, and I will give you tons of love and affection in return, if you are looking for a small Golden who gives Big Love, I’m your girl! ❤