Archie – Adopted!

Archie 220638 - 1

Dog ID:  220638    Sex:  Male    Age:  7 Month old

Hey! The name is Archie. They tell me I’m cute and I have to agree. I’m a 7-month-old Great Pyrenees mix, and I’m currently around 60 lbs., but they tell me I could grow to be over 100 lbs.! I really really love the dogs that I live with at my foster home. We play together a lot and I LOVE IT! Maybe they’re also good co-trainers for me? Because I’m already doing well with the “potty training” and other “commands” such as sit. My foster home has cats in it but I just ignore them… I’d much rather hang out with the dogs and humans. Did I already say I love other dogs? Because I do! Maybe you have one that could be a forever friend of mine when you adopt me?! Gee, that’d be great. Hmm, what else? Well, I’m cute. And smart. And cute. So I think that pretty much speaks for itself. See you soon future family!!