Foster Agreement

  • By entering my full name below, I agree to act as a Foster Home for Triad Golden Retriever Rescue (hereby known as TGRR). The following provisions apply to fostering a TGRR dog(s).

    1. The foster dog(s) will remain the property of TGRR while being kept in foster homes. The dog(s) must be turned over immediately to a TGRR Coordinator upon request.
    2. The dog(s) are to be kept in the house and when outdoors, contained in a secure outdoor area of the foster family's home. When outside of this secure area, the dog is to be kept on a leash at all times. When the foster is not at home, the dog(s) shall be kept indoors, possibly in a crate when necessary. The dog(s) are to be fed, watered and exercised appropriately. The dog(s) are also to be given any medications or treatments, including heartworm preventative, as instructed by TGRR.
    3. Veterinary care will be provided by TGRR. Medical history, as far as known, is found in the dog(s) packet. TGRR will also provide food for a short period and, if requested, will continue to provide food. All follow-up veterinary procedures will be done at BelAire Animal Hospital. In case of an emergency after hours, please refer to the Medical Information Sheet in the dog(s) folder for guidance. Immediately contact the Dog Support Person or another TGRR representative for approval. The foster home may be held responsible for unapproved expenditures unless it is an emergency. No payment will be provided by TGRR to the foster home for daily boarding.
    4. The foster family will contact the Dog Support Person weekly to report on the status of the dog (behavior, medical, medical, etc.). The Dog Support Person will provide a behavior questionnaire for you and ask for pictures as well for posting on our website. The foster family will work with the Adoption Team to make arrangements for approved families to visit the dog(s). This may include a visit to the foster home, meeting potential adopters at a local park or other venue, having adopters come to your home, or arranging for foster dog to be at events.
    5. Any questions or problems are to be directed to the Dog Support Person. If there is a need to remove the dog(s) from the foster home, they will be given directly to a TGRR representative and not a third party. TGRR is always there to support the foster family and if there is ever a question. or doubt, contact your Dog Support Person or the Foster Coordinator.
    6. The dog(s) is to be adopted to its pre-approved permanent home only under the supervision of TGRR, unless agreed upon with a TGRR representative in advance. After adoption, the foster family may contact the adopter to check on the dog's status, but the adoptive families are to be accorded their privacy after you ensure all is well.
    7. The foster family accepts responsibility for any events that occur in connection with fostering of a TGRR animal(s) and agrees to hold TGRR harmless for any of these events. TGRR, its membership, coordinators and volunteers will not be responsible for injuries to people or pets or for the loss of property or damage while a TGRR dog(s) is in foster care.

    This Agreement may be executed in counterparts, each of which shall be enforceable and all of which together shall constitute one agreement. Facsimile or electronic signatures on this Agreement by a party shall be binding upon that party as if it were an original.

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