Woody 230324 - 5

Dog ID:  230324    Sex:  Male    Age:  1 Year old

Nice to meet you! I’m Woody! Like the Toy Story character, I’m super friendly and ready to play! I’m almost two years old and I weigh, well, I weigh 91 pounds – but I’m working on taking off some weight. I’m playful but tend to wear out soon because of my extra weight. But that doesn’t mean I can’t handle a three-mile walk with you! I love to go hiking and play tug! I’m also very fond of carrying my stuffies around.

I’m working on learning obedience – I know sit, stay, come, down and wait. Like most Golden Retrievers, I have selective hearing when it comes to “come” and “wait!” 😁  I’m also working on not pulling too hard on the leash. My foster mom says I’m doing well but still have a little ways to go.

I’m fine with being in a crate if you need me to but you can also leave me alone with the run of the house and not have to worry about anything being amiss when you come home.

I love to be part of the pack – people especially, but also other dogs. I’m really hoping my new family has another playful dog for me! Cats, not so much. I’m told I’m wayyyyyy too interested in felines for me to live in a home with one. I’ve never really been around little kids but I do great with my foster mom’s 12-year-old neighbor. She likes to jog when we go out on leash and I love to run along with her!

I also love to ride in the car and have no problem getting in and out (despite my hefty size).  I’m hoping my next car ride leads to you! You won’t regret it. Like my theme song goes: “You’ve got a friend in me!”