Spencer 200627

Dog ID:  200627    Sex:  Male    Age:  2 Year old

“Hello there! I saw your lips moving, so I assumed you were saying, ‘Hello Handsome.’ I assume that because I can’t hear you. Yep, I’m a handsome deaf boy. My deafness does not define me, although it will make your life more interesting! With that being said, you’ll be happy to know that this super energetic 65 lb. Golden Retriever responds well to training, and I am a VERY smart dog! I need to let you know though that I am in this for the long haul. My 2 years of life haven’t been very stable. I’ve been passed around a lot, and I am looking for the perfect forever human (or humans!), so we can learn the ropes of life together. 🙂 

I’m going to need the following from you:  1) you’ve got to be ready and committed to do the homework my trainer will have for you (I think it has something to do with sign language maybe?), 2) a good vet reference, 3) a structural fence attached to your HOME (can you imagine calling for me if I got lost?! LOL – ‘I can’t hear youuuuu’), and 4) no children under 10 years old (let me be your baby).

Oh, and a few other things, they’re not quite deal breakers, but I feel like I should let you know these up front (man, does this feel like a first date or what?!) Okay here it goes:  I prefer female humans, but I can warm up to male humans, so be prepared to give me extra time for that please if there’s a guy in the house. It may take us a few weeks or more to understand each other (I can’t hear you, remember?). 

SO, if you think you’re the perfect human for me (like really, re-read the above), then you can fill out a “Contact” form on the TGRR website (tgrr.org). Adoption applications are currently closed, but the TGRR volunteers said that they would be willing to chat with some peeps about adopting me. All I had to do was bat my pretty eyelashes and say, ‘Please TGRR, I’m ready to meet my forever family!’”