Dog ID:  200314    Sex:  Female    Age:  5 Year old

Hi friend! My name is Sadie, I’m a 5 year old Golden, and I’m 65 lbs, which means I could lose a few lbs for my frame. I guess that means we could go on walks together?! I do well on a leash, it helps that I’m a pretty mellow gal. My foster family loves me because I’m really sweet, I just want everyone to feel loved and included. Speaking of everyone…. I love everyone! Big humans, small humans, fast humans, slow humans, I love them all! Not to fear though, even with all of that love I still sit when a new human approaches me instead of jumping! Oh, and I do enjoy playing with other dogs too. I also love running around in a big open yard and just enjoying all that life has to offer. Basically I’m a cutie patootie and on a scale of 1-10…. I’m a 15 when it comes to being a good girl. I can’t wait to meet you!